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Trembles amount Donated

Oreo amount Donated

Chase Amount Needed Donated

Kendal Donated

Karrington Amount Donated

Charleston Amount donated

Dar: Amount Donated

Roberts Pack Amount $680 raised

Possum Amount raised

George Amount raised

Mugsy Amount raised $668.27

Fred amount donated

Addison Amount raised $420

Gilligan Amount raised $800 Thanks to Christy Nichols

Sam Amount Needed: donated

Bill Amount Raised $308.40

Covey Amount Raised $580.00

Worm Amount raised $400.00

Saxby Amount raise $936.70 Thanks to HT Robinson

Hattie Amount Needed: $295

Black Jack Amount raised $390

Bess Amount raised $300

Puppies amount raised $695

 Puppies: Amount raised $430

Spot Amount raised $400.00

Ollie Amount raised $400

Jock Leg Amputation Raised

Leroy amount needed $325

Lucky Amount raised $463.00

Sally Amount raised $280

Miracle Amount raised $600

Bailey Amount raised $340

Loupe  Amount raised $349 Thanks Ross Leonard

Sandy Amount raised for all 4 siblings $416.00

Sport Amount raised $278.56

Bruce Amount Raised: $300

Stray Puppies Amount Raised: $240 Thanks Mary N. Moore

Elmer Amount raised $623 Thanks to George (Jeff) Campbell

Brindle Boy: Amount Raised $843.00

Twiggy: Amount Raised!!!

Reed: Amount Raised $450 Thanks Mary N. Moore

Puppies: Raised $800 Thanks to Buddy & Cathy Champion

Ski Amount Raised $100 Thanks to Adalaide & Chris Bratcher

Coco Amount Raised $555.29 Thanks to Bill Davenport

Shelly Amount Donated! Thanks Carol!

Klausse Amount raised: $75 Thanks Alexis Bogo!

Freckles: Amount Raised $258 Thanks Mary N. Moore

Rack Amount raised 680.00 Thanks Doug & Sandra Warner

Bernie Amount Raised: Thanks Mary Moore & Karen Smith